Gary Vee – People Sell Against Attention.

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Gary Vee – People Sell Against Attention.

Gary Vaynerchuk for many marketers is the go to for innovative takes on digital marketing, especially social media. Gary recently changed from a daily vlog, the Daily Vee, to a weekly show, the Weekly Vee. This change in his YouTube content allowed me to take a deep dive into his older content. That where I found a Joe Rogan show appearance. Once line stuck out as he tried to describe to Joe how people make money on Instagram. His response was “People sell against attention”.  I had to replay many times to fully interpret it. That interpretation is that attention is the new marketing commodity. Attention, through digital, can be counted, curated and compiled into a value in time. Since content creation and content marketing is actions to capture the attention of users, and in return, the mind share of your brand or product.

This is the emphasis that people should put on their content marketing strategy. The return on investment is not in dollars, but attribution of sales due to a brand’s mind share. Contact us to set up your content strategy.


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