Content Calendar Curation – Leveraging Days of the Year

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Content Calendar Curation – Leveraging Days of the Year

Why Should I Care about Bake Cookies Day?

Today is the first full day of Cannabis 2.0 across Canada, for the first time in the world, it is now federally legal for anyone to buy cannabis based edibles. It is also Bake Cookies Day. Granted the day started in preparation for Christmas, it is only a week away, but cannabis brands that have been waiting for this day have been under prepared for it.

Cannabis products are treated like a combination of tobacco and alcohol products when it comes to marketing. To purchase ads on traditional online networks, Google/Facebook/Twitter, you will be hard pressed to buy ads for your cannabis brands, because they are based in the USA, where cannabis is still federally illegal. For placement of sponsorship in Canada, you are banned by Health Canada by their marketing regulations. The answer to how to reach your audience for the cannabis industry is through a grassroots content strategy. This is why cannabis brands not jumping on a #bakeCookiesDay is so tragic, this is one of the best opportunities for them to expand into the combustible or non user market and it was dropped.

How to Create a Content Calendar for my Audience?

We believe there are two approaches to curating your content online: proactive and reactive. The reactive strategy is to actively search for talking points for your audience and either re-post them as a curator or provide opinion as a thought leader. Both of these reactive strategies take dedicated time to seek out points and create content for your audience. While you are creating your content the clock ticks away on the relevancy, the less relevant the less likely your audience will engage.

The proactive strategy is the one that can save you time, money and resources. This strategy takes a look at upcoming conversation points, devises the content, the tone and the desired action of your audience. The best part is that this can be done up to a month in advance, and at the convenience of your team’s down time.

This is why we at Toy Labs are creating our new weekly newsletter, Content Countdown, that will highlight the special days in the upcoming week. This FREE newsletter will help you pre-load your content calendar, so you can stay on top of your audience.

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