What is: Digital, driven by data?

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What is: Digital, driven by data?

Digital, driven by data is more than just a tag line for Toy Labs, we believe it is the best path to success for our clients. We won’t claim to be experts on the demographic of your customers on our first meeting, but we will after we implement our strategy. The best expert on your demographic will be your own company, but Toy Labs will help you sort your data and deliver targeted strategies based on it.

Social Media Analytics

Social media is like having a team of customer service representatives, sales people and support members on call 24 hours a day. If they were employees, wouldn’t you want to develop a way of tracking their progress?


Website Analytics

Your website analytics can track customer journeys, re-market to visitors and monitor and improve drop offs.

Targeted Content Marketing

Cognitive biases change the way what we should think about content, analytics will show which content resonates with your customers, and which ones don’t.

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