Clean Your Computer Month is more than just dust bunnies

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Clean Your Computer Month is more than just dust bunnies

January and New Years is always a time of refreshing and reflection. Normally a time for hitting the gym more and eating healthier, don’t forget about your computer too, January is “Clean Your Computer Month”. Cleaning dust bunnies is great, it is also important to take a look at how your company’s digital best practices are working out.

Dust bunnies are not cute when the grow on your CPU cooling equipment. We cleaned out our when we saw massive computer performance hits.

Ask the important questions

The first thing you should ask is who controls the passwords in my organization? If it takes you more than just a few seconds to find an answer you may have issues that will come back to bite you later on. Medium to large organizations should have a dedicated onsite IT department with their own Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). They have solutions for scenarios that you may choose not to think about. If the current situation with the Coronavirus has taught us anything it is that without a moment’s notice our backup plans may need to be  put into action. If you don’t have an answer for who controls the passwords, how can you react in time for emergencies?
Our Digital Audit requires access to admin panels, Google Analtyics, and social media channels. If your organization is in start-up mode or you are running lean with limited access to passwords, a marketing campaign or worst might be put in jeopardy if a member of your team cannot access your websites or your social channels on a moment’s notice. This is why we recommend that’s every January you take a look at your emergency procedure, your backup procedures and your computers sharing policies to see who has access and what can be done to clean up your computer infrastructure

If you would like to know how your organization is set up to handle password in an administrator access please contact us for one of our digital audits.

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