Digital, driven by data.

We are a digital agency that uses data to connect with your audience better. Based in Midtown Toronto, we have been providing services and guidance to advertising and communications agencies and helping startups launch.

[/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row type_row=”services2″ ses_title=”Covering the Digital Spectrum” ses_subtitle=”We won’t claim to be an expert for your audience when we start, but through analysis, tracking and A/B testing we will become experts.” ses_subtitle2=”Having a unified voice with your digital means the best execution for your strategy.” ses_btn1=”Learn More” ses_link1=”https://toylabs.co/2019/11/02/what-is-digital-driven-by-data/”][vc_column]

Web Development

Digital Analytics

Social Media Management

Digital Marketing



[/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row type_row=”counts2″ ses_title=”Not your typical digital agency.” ses_subtitle=”We are lucky to have had worked on some of the biggest brands in the world on the biggest stage. However, we are constantly innovating, questioning the status quo and looking to improve. We are able to offer our experience to large agencies as well as startups for one reason, we are constantly testing. By trying new techniques on smaller clients at a reduced rate, we get to see first hand what works and what doesn’t, while reducing costs. ” ses_image=”147″][vc_column]


Super Bowl Campaigns


Advertising Agency Partners


Startups Launched


Race trucks Sponsored

Brands We Work With

Social Media Application

MINI Canada

Social Media Application

Kraft Dinner

Social Media Application

Bud Light Living

eCommerce Web Site

Budweiser Red Light

Social Media Application

Toronto Maple Leafs

Social Media Application

Toronto Raptors





Hear what our clients have to say about us.

Taryn Lavacca Rad Vaper

Toy Labs stepped up big time with a social media strategy that helped power our sales through Christmas and New Years. It is the biggest time of year for people who want to stop smoking.

Darryl Tempest Seed Health & Wellness

We couldn’t have launched as strong as we did if it wasn’t for Toy Labs. They really took the pain out of the digital side so we could focus on the business side.

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